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Semi-automatic barrel capping machine

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GFDTYT pneumatic capping machine is a simple automatic capping machine developed by our company for customers. It is suitable for automatic capping of many different sizes of barrels. It is economical and can be used alone or with a conveyor line. It is small in size and easy to install. ,Has many uses. The casing is made of stainless steel, beautiful and hygienic. GFDTYT series capping machine is economical and practical. It has a simple structure and is easy to operate. It is an ideal production equipment for small and medium-sized factories.
Device Parameters
Capping speed: 200-800 barrels/hour
Working voltage: 380v
Working pressure: 0.4-1.0 MPa (provided by the buyer)
Power: 0.75kw (excluding air compressor)
Air consumption: <0.4 cubic meters/minute
Installation And Commissioning
1. First, carefully check whether the air circuit and the connecting line are loose or fall off. Whether the equipment is damaged during collision or other screws are loose and fall off.
2. Connect the gas circuit, if supporting filling equipment, the circuit and gas circuit are generally installed on the filling equipment. Just connect the photoelectric switch and the gas path.
3. After connecting the power supply and gas circuit, adjust the height of the indenter according to your needs, so that the bottle is exactly in the middle of the indenter when capping.
4. Adjust the distance between the indenter and the barrel, put the barrel on the platform, adjust the indenter to a distance of 1-2mm from the upper mouth of the barrel, put the cap on the bottle, and experiment with it to see if the cap is suitable. Adjust slightly. The indenter can adjust the punching distance of the indenter according to the tightness of the cover.
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