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Three lines of wine filling

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Main features The machine is mainly used for bottle filling of wine, soy sauce, vinegar and other easy-foaming liquids with the same liquid level.
Using the principle of low-vacuum filling, filling against the wall of the bottle, without choking wine or foaming, and ensuring the consistency of the liquid level after filling.
Bottles with broken bottles will not automatically fill, sprinkle liquid, break bottles, and automatically adjust to bottle height errors. The elaborately designed bottle holding device is well-selected and the materials are superior. The reasonable design, high-end processing technology and accurate compression and shock absorption ratio ensure the service life of the bottle holding device.
The filling valve adopts the advanced filling principle of the filling industry, reasonable design, excellent quality and precise processing parts to ensure the liquid level requirements after filling.
Without disassembling the filling valve, just lift the valve upwards and turn it clockwise to 15 degrees to keep the filling valve in the normally open state. At this time, it is convenient to reverse the filling barrel and the filling valve rinse. The single-pin fixed valve body structure is adopted, and the pin core can be pulled out by pulling the pin shaft lightly. The principle is simple, and the maintenance is extremely convenient.
Filling machine uses imported high-sensitivity liquid level probe, imported liquid level control device and pneumatic angle seat valve for wine intake, so that the liquid level in the filling barrel can be controlled within 30mm. This device can realize the synchronous action with the wine inlet pump, and can also realize the liquid filling without the high-level tank.
1. Features of bottle washer
(1) Adopt the process of grasping bottle, turning bottle, flushing bottle, controlling bottle, turning and resetting, discharging bottle and other processes by elastic strong manipulator to realize fully automated production.
(2) Continuous tracking bottle flushing has high efficiency and stable and reliable flushing effect.
(3) Adopt international famous brand inverter frequency conversion speed regulation, the speed is free to master.
(4) The introduction of foreign advanced technology, the developed flip manipulator has the advantages of accurate positioning of the grab bottle, free flip activity, good sealing performance of the flush valve, and strong flushing force.
(5) Incoming and outgoing bottles adopt the guide screw and dial processed by the CNC engraving center to accurately guide the bottles into the inlet rail, effectively solving the problems of squeezing bottles, jamming bottles, blocking bottles, and breaking bottles.
(6) Just press the lifting button and replace the corresponding bottle diameter dial, you can replace bottles with different bottle diameters and bottle heights, easy to adjust.
2. Features of filling machine
(1) Large range: It can be used for bottle diameter 60-100mm, bottle height 250-350mm, wide filling capacity range and easy adjustment.
(2) Fully compatible: all kinds of round containers such as glass, porcelain, plastic, and pottery bottles can be fully automated. This machine can be easily connected with the original various bottle feeding lines.
(3) Liquid level: The filling liquid level does not change with the bottle capacity, and the filling liquid level is the same.
(4) No dripping: The seal is tight and reliable, and the broken, leaking bottle and no bottle will not be filled automatically, and no liquid will be spilled.
(5) Non-breaking bottle: adopts elastic bottle holding device, the bottle height error is automatically adapted, soft start, soft brake, no rigid impact, no bottle breakage and machine damage.
(6) Take the lead in introducing foreign filling technology, adopt negative pressure equal position filling valve, good bottle guiding, fast liquid level filling speed, make the product better than the same industry standard.
3. Features of the stopper
(1) The structure design is novel, compact and reliable.
(2) Convenient maintenance, few failures and long equipment life.
(3) Adjust the height of the stopper according to the height of the bottle shape, which is suitable for a wide range of bottle shape heights.
(4) Elasticity and overload protection during the bottle feeding and plugging process to prevent the broken bottle from damaging the machine.
(5) No bottle, no cork, to prevent the waste of cork.
Technical Parameters
Model: GFGDP18-12-1
Production capacity: (500ml/b/h) 1000-2000
Number of filling heads: 18
Number of flushing heads: 12
Capping head number: 1
Bottle height: 150-320 (mm)
Total power: 2.2 (KW)
Dimensions: 2100*1700*3200
Total weight: 2200 (kg)
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