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Automatic lifting machine

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Manually pour messy bottles or inner plugs or outer caps or other materials into the bottle storage box → lift → materials into the next process.
Technical Parameters
Applicable materials: bottles, inner plugs, outer caps, etc.
Speed: Adjustable to meet the needs of the next process equipment. Use the capping and capping machine. The lifting type capping machine is a special device for automatic capping and capping. It is mainly used in the supporting equipment of the filling line. The main function is to cap the cap And put the cover.
Size: 800*1000*3000mm
Machine weight: 150kg
Power: 0.37kw (adjustable speed)
Material: stainless steel
The capping machine is generally composed of two parts, an automatic capping part and a capping part. It includes a bottle cap lifting conveyor belt and a silo. The lifting conveyor belt is provided with a transverse blocking bar carrying the bottle cap. The lifting conveyor belt has the following cooperation relationship between the inclination angle of a partial section and the blocking bar: The center of gravity of the reverse cover of the section is located outside the bar, and the center of gravity of the positive cover of the section is located inside the bar. The present invention utilizes the feature that the center of gravity of the bottle cap does not coincide with its geometric center, so that under the effect of its own gravity, the reverse cap falls out of the stop bar in the above section of the lifting conveyor belt, freely falls back to the silo, and completes the capping. Therefore, It has little effect on the bottle cap, the bottle cap is not easy to be damaged during capping, and multiple caps can be sorted at the same time, which can improve the capping efficiency multiple times.
First of all, the uncovering part uses the imbalance of the weight of the cap to lift the qualified cap. The unqualified cap is dropped and then lifted until the lifting condition is met, so the uncap part directly pours the bottle cap to be straightened into the capping slot. It can be, the equipment directly lifts the qualified lid into the conveyor belt through the lid conveyor belt, and the capping device directly hangs the smoothed lid on the top of the bottle that moves with the conveyor belt, and then uses the positioning device to position the lid to complete the finishing In the process of covering and falling, all the processes of covering and falling do not require manual intervention.
The capping system mainly adopts a straight-line belt conveying device to achieve the purpose of capping; the support system supports the vertical capping system, and can adjust the inclination of the belt of the capping system to adapt to different heights of caps The capping needs; the capping system allows the cap to fall accurately on the bottle mouth through the curved guide rail, so as to achieve the * combination with the fully automatic crawler capping machine. This equipment has the characteristics of simple and reasonable structure, good degree of automation, replenishment and capping without climbing, and easy operation.
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