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Semi-automatic film packer

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The automatic shrink film sealing and shrinking packaging machine is a new type of packaging machine developed by our company based on the advantages of similar models at home and abroad. It is widely used in combination packaging of beverages, food, medicine and chemical products. No bottom bracket or carton is needed, no matter the square, round, or flat shape, it can be perfectly packaged, with good intuitive effect and low packaging cost. This machine adopts novel optimized design, PLC automatic control, man-machine interface tracking, and accurate positioning. The secondary package enters the state, eliminating bottle shortage and bottle pouring, flexible adjustment, safe and beautiful. Adjustable hot air circulation structure, suitable for all kinds of existing heat shrinkable films (including color printing), fast and easy film replacement, fault warning, complete locking, reliable operation. Therefore, it provides a solid guarantee for constant quality, stable and reliable, and continuous production for a long time.   
The whole machine is made of high-quality steel and stainless steel. The structure is compact and reasonable, durable, and has a significant energy saving effect. The new shrink film automatic packaging machine with independent intellectual property rights is the first choice of supporting equipment for beverage canning production lines.
Equipment Composition And Working Principle
1. The equipment consists of the following parts  
A. Bottle transfer mechanism: convey the items to be packaged.   
B. Bottle splitting and bottle blocking mechanism: Separate conveying and control of package travel.   
C. Separation bottle mechanism: Separate packaging bottles and sub-package waiting bottles.   
D. Bottle pushing and bottle guiding mechanism: push items to the sealing and cutting station.   
E. Bottle pressing mechanism: prevent bottle falling and ensure the sealing and cutting is completed.   
F. Film fixed-length conveying mechanism: conveying the position of the packaging film, and at the same time pushing the packaging bottle that was previously completed with the film sleeve on the conveyor belt in the heat shrinking device, at this time the film feeding mechanism also works at the same time. Then the film pressing cylinder moves downward to hold down the film, and then the heat sealing cutter moves upward to complete the sealing and cutting function. The packaging bottles pushed onto the high-temperature conveyor belt complete the heat shrinking function while moving forward in the heat shrinking equipment, and finally reach the finished product bearing device after being cooled and contracted by cold air. The above process is repeated continuously to achieve packaging automation.   
Except for the conveying mechanism, the actions of the above process are all completed by the PLC program controlled by the cylinder under the action of compressed air.
Feature 1: The temperature of the drying box is 0-300°, which not only dries the bottle body, but also kills bacteria that are not resistant to high temperature, and cleans the bottle to a certain extent.
Feature two: The machine uses high temperature resistant nylon mesh belt, which has the characteristics of stable operation and uniform shrinkage.
Feature three: Automatic control after the machine temperature rises to a predetermined temperature to reduce power consumption; the machine is a stepless speed regulation, which greatly improves production efficiency.
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