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Fully automatic sealing and tapping machine

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Technical Parameters
Power supply voltage: AC220v 50HZ/AC380V 50HZ
Sealing speed: 22m/min
Transmission mode: left and right conveyor belt transmission
Maximum sealing size: 500mmX500mm
Table height: 570mm-800mm
Mechanical dimensions: 1850mmX855mm (1100mm*1750mm)
Tape size: 45mm-75mm
Drive motor: special increase reducer 2 220V/380V optional
Overview And Application Areas
The machine is an automatic sealing machine that uses tape sealing tapes such as PLC and BOPP as sealing materials. It is used for top and bottom sealing of carton and other packaging boxes with basic specifications of shape and shape.
It has a wide range of applications, suitable for chemical fiber industry, tobacco re-baking enterprises, pharmaceutical industry, publishing industry, refrigeration and air conditioning industry, home appliance industry, ceramic industry, etc...
Dimensions: 1400mmx620mmx1435mm
Packing size: 1500mmx700mmx1600mm
Table height: 750mm
Load-bearing capacity: 80KG
Net weight: 150KG
Bandwidth: 9mm-15mm
Bundling speed: 2.5 seconds/track
Tape reel: inner diameter of paper core with ring 200mm-210mm; outer diameter of tape ring 400mm-450mm; width of tape ring 170mm-190mm
Bundling specifications: the lowest packaging size: 80mmx60mm is the largest within the frame
Bonding method: bottom bonding, bonding surface 90%, bonding position deviation is less than 2mm
Bundling tightness: 0-50KG
Power: 400W, 3A
Power supply: 1p, 220V, 50-60Hz (standard refer to machine nameplate)
Working noise: less than 75dB (A)
Adjustable options: frame size, bandwidth
Standard frame 800mmx600mm (can be customized if there are special requirements)
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