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Semi-automatic tape sealing machine

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The carton sealing machine is mainly suitable for carton carton packaging, which can be used for stand-alone operation, and can also be used in conjunction with assembly lines. It is widely used in household appliances, textiles, food, department stores, medicine, chemical industry and other industries. Automatic sealing machine with tape as sealing material. It is used to seal the carton after setting or packing the gift box. The machine consists of the following parts:
1) Tape bracket parts: used for tape installation and tension adjustment.
2) Lifting handwheel components: used to increase or decrease the upper conveying components.
3) Reducer parts: the speed required to achieve box sealing.
4) Roll sealing and cutting parts: close the mouth of the carton, seal the box and cut the tape.
5) Sliding body parts: the height can be adjusted according to the height of the carton.
6) Linkage parts: used to adjust the horizontal height of the workbench.
7) Upper guide wheel: make the upper box close tightly.
8) Upper conveying parts: Carton conveying is completed by high gripping flat belt.
9) Guide rod parts: Can be adjusted to be wider or narrower according to the width of the carton.
10) Side frame components: easy to place long cartons.
11) Electrical switch: start or stop the motor.
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