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Automatic reverse bottle washer

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This machine is mainly used for washing glass bottles and polyester bottles. It is suitable for fully automatic washing of wine, beverage and brewing before filling.The output is 3500-12000 bottles per hour, which can be selected by users.The whole machine adopts circumferential turning bottle structure for washing, with electrical control components and automatic turning bottle clip, it has the function of automatic clamping and positioning bottle mouth for washing, the whole machine is beautiful and durable.
Main features
1. This machine adopts flexible strong manipulator to grasp, turn over, punch, control, flip and reset, and other processes to achieve full automatic production.
2. High efficiency and stable and reliable flushing effect of clamping and turning pressure valve.No bottle without washing, save water.
3. Delta inverter is adopted to adjust the speed by frequency conversion, and the bottle speed can be freely controlled, and the current production speed can be displayed digitally.
4. The introduced foreign advanced technology research and development of the flip manipulator with grasp bottle positioning accurate, flip freely;The flush valve USES the middle plunger guide shaft lip seal ring, the sealing performance is good, the service life is long, the strength of the bottle to the neutral bottle is accurate and so on.
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