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Semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine

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GFTB-1B semi-automatic round labeling machine is an ideal equipment for semi-white dynamic labeling of round bottle products in daily chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other light industry industries.
This machine is suitable for round bottles of various sizes, suitable for small batch and multi-variety production. This machine can only be used for single machine labeling. For other uses, please consult Guangjia for any damage caused by improper use. The manufacturer Heng is not responsible for guaranteeing such risks. The use of monologues is strictly punished. The strict instructions for the use of the sea are part of the requirements for the use of this machine.
Performance characteristics
The machine has reasonable structure, reliable performance, simple operation, adopts photoelectric detection, and the standard is correct.
1. Adopt advanced labeling mechanism to ensure labeling accuracy.
2. Able to label a variety of bottles with strong adaptability.
3. The sensitivity of the label light eye is adjustable. It can be used for identification and comparison of the base paper of labels with different light transmittances and the sensitivity can be adjusted. The labels with different lengths can be optimally adjusted to ensure that the labeling is normal and the labeling is smooth and accurate.
4. All the institutions, including the frame, the standard feeder, the stop rod to the fasteners, are mostly made of stainless steel and aluminum profiles, which will never rust and have no pollution interference, ensuring GMP environmental requirements.
5. All system control components have international standardization certification, and have passed strict factory inspection tests to ensure the reliability of various functions.
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