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Automatic rubber cap heat shrink machine

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Product Description
◆ This machine is mainly suitable for the bottle type which needs the heat shrinkable rubber cap of the bottle mouth after the liquid filling and sealing.
(1) The structure and working principle of the whole machine are simple, the work is reliable and stable, and the maintenance is convenient.
(2) This machine adopts uniform adjustable blowing type heat shrink head, circular heating, uniform shrinkage, the surface of the rubber cap is firm and smooth, beautiful and wrinkle-free.
(3) Adjustable temperature type electric heating tube, microcomputer control, synchronous temperature adjustment.
(4) When the machine is stopped or powered off halfway through the work, the cylinder quickly lifts the heat shrinkable head to prevent the rubber cap from being burned or catching fire.
(5) Both the power system and the dial system are equipped with buffer overload protection devices, and the elastic components are used for absorption at the start, which is stable and soft. When an accident occurs, the overload device immediately cuts off the power supply and the equipment automatically shuts down, effectively ensuring the safety of man and machine.
◆ This machine is mainly suitable for corking corks of glass bottles such as wine. It is mainly connected to the back of the filling machine and is used for plugging after filling.
◆ The shrinkage plug mechanism of this machine adopts independent extrusion head, the shrinkage block adopts special material and is quenched to ensure the hardness, no slag when plugging, and long service life. And no bottle will not stop. The middle pillar is adjustable, which can meet the requirements of different bottle heights. Adopt continuous running type bottle-in and bottle-out device, there is a clutch protection device at the bottle-in and out dial dial, when the bottle is stuck, it will automatically stop to ensure production safety.
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