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Automatic plunger filling machine

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♦ Automatic straight line plunger filling machine, this machine is 6 straight line filling machine.
♦ It is suitable for filling all kinds of liquids with viscosity, such as hand sanitizer, disposable sanitizer, sanitizing alcohol gel, edible oil, lubricating oil and other liquids with viscosity.  
♦ Filling principle is through the touch screen to set the PLC filling volume and filling speed, after conversion  of PLC pulse number and pulse rate are sent to the stepper motor drive, drive after receiving pulse stepper  motor according to the touch screen set to drive high precision gear pump to achieve filling process.
♦ The filling amount set by the touch screen is controlled by the number of revolutions of the gear pump driven by the stepping motor. The filling speed set by the touch screen is controlled by the speed of the gear pump driven by the stepping motor. 
♦ After a small number of parts are replaced and appropriate adjustments are made, glass and plastic bottles of different heights and diameters can be filled.
Technical features and parameters
♦ Number of filling valves: 6
♦ Production capacity: 600 bottles/hour-800 bottles/hour
♦ Suitable filling container size:Φ - Φ 165 mm or 65 bottles of 65-140mm, height 180-360 mm
♦ Power voltage: three-phase four-wire 380v power supply
♦ Air source: 0.4-0.8MPa 0.1m3/min
♦ Host profile size: 1500mm*1000mm*2200mm
♦ Equipment weight:500kg
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