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GFZCQ—6 type automatic in-line plunger filling machine, this machine is a 6-head linear oil quantitative filling machine. Suitable for round and various shapes of glass bottles and plastic bottles for oil filling machine. The filling principle is to set the filling amount and filling speed for the PLC through the touch screen. After conversion by the PLC, the pulse number and pulse rate are sent to the stepper motor driver. After the driver receives the pulse, the stepper motor drives according to the setting of the touch screen High-precision gear pump to achieve the filling process. The filling volume set by the touch screen is controlled by the rotation speed of the gear pump driven by the stepper motor. The filling speed set by the touch screen is controlled by the rotation speed of the gear pump driven by the step motor. After replacing a small number of parts and making appropriate corresponding adjustments, glass bottles and plastic bottles of different heights and different diameters can be filled, with high versatility and a wide range of applications.
Technical Characteristics And Parameters
Product model name: GFZCQ-6 linear plunger filling machine;
Number of filling valves: 6;
Production capacity: 600 bottles/hour-800 bottles/hour;
Applicable filling container size: Φ65-Φ165 mm or square bottle 65-140 mm, height 180-360 mm;
Host power: 3.01KW;
Power supply voltage: three-phase four-wire 380v power supply;
Air source: 0.4-0.8MPa 0.1 cubic meter/minute;
The overall dimensions of the host: 1500mm × 1000mm × 2200mm;
Curb weight: 500KG
The Main Structure
1. Frame part
2. Filling valve part
3. The bottle setting mechanism
4. Conveyor line part
5. Electrical part
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