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Liquor filling two online-filling, sealing

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Electronic quantitative filling machine is a highly intelligent electromechanical integration product, which absorbs advanced foreign technology and is a brand new product developed in conjunction with national conditions. It is an ideal equipment for quantitative filling of low-viscosity non-gaseous liquids such as liquor, rice wine, rice wine, and alcoholic beverages.
Device Configuration
This machine adopts programmable controller (PLC) intelligent automation control, touch operation of man-machine interface, the whole machine is simple to operate, high degree of automation, stable and safe operation.
The main electrical and pneumatic components are imported from Mitsubishi or the United States, and the cylinder is selected from SMC products, which ensures the stable operation of the equipment and prolongs the service life of the equipment.
Main Feature
◆ Arbitrary capacity adjustment, man-machine interface dialogue
Adjust the capacity as you like, any size. Just touch the man-machine interface to adjust the filling capacity. The adjustment is really fast, convenient and accurate.
50-750ml can be filled; the bottle can be filled smoothly as small as 8mm, to achieve multi-capacity, multi-bottle filling.
Electronic valve with combined control of light, electricity and gas realizes high precision, high speed and high stable filling.
High-speed linear liquid column formed by special streamline guide and special sealing structure ensures no foam and no leakage during filling.
◆ Digital display, intelligent storage
The color screen displays the online filling product name, capacity, speed, and output parameter information; it stores a large number of product operation parameters for the replacement of product variety calls at any time, avoiding the cumbersome long-term adjustment of the mechanical valve filling machine, and the adjustment is convenient and fast. Filling parameters can also be adjusted and modified at will.
Automatic fault diagnosis and real-time display, can accurately understand the fault point and quickly remove it, saving maintenance time.
◆ High precision and fast speed
The filling valve and the bottle do not move in the up and down direction, and the failure rate is extremely low; the elastic positioning clip catches the bottle neck, the valve mouth and the bottle mouth are accurately centered and positioned; the high-speed liquid column is quickly and accurately filled, and the work is stable and reliable.
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